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College administrators and attorneys have relied upon guidance in The Pavela Report (TPR) for over twenty years. Our editor is a recipient of:

  • The “William A. Kaplin Award for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy Scholarship” (National Conference of Law and Higher Education);
  • The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators “George D. Kuh Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literature and/or Research Award”;
  • The designation of “Fellow” of the National Association of College and University Attorneys. Fellows of the Association are identified as individuals who have “brought distinction to higher education and to the practice of law on behalf of colleges and universities across the nation“;
  • The “Thomas S. Biggs Award” for “dedicated legal service” in the field of law and higher education (Annual Conference on Law and Higher Education);
  • American College Personnel Association “Tracy R. Teele Memorial Award” for “contributions to the area of judicial affairs and legal issues”;
  • Association of Student Judicial Affairs “D. Parker Young Award” for “outstanding scholarly and research contributions in the area of higher education law.”
  • The University of Maryland “Outstanding Faculty Educator” award by the Maryland Parents’ Association.

The scholarship and teaching recognized by these awards is available to you in 40 weekly issues (annual subscription) sent to your designated email address.

TPR is clear, concise, and thorough. We know our readers are busy, but we also know they want substance. Expect to see legal issues explored in ways that appeal to people who think.


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