The Pavela Report

Law and Policy in Higher Education



Chronicle of Higher Education essays by Gary Pavela:

[1] In Sexual-Misconduct Cases, Hear the Facts (2014)

[2] “Fearing Our Students Won’t Help Them” (2008)

[3] “Only Speech Codes Should Be Censored” (2006)

[4] “Academic freedom for Students Has Ancient Roots” (2005)

[5] “For the Same Reasons Students Can Be Expelled, Degrees Ought to Be Revocable” (1999)

[6] “Today’s College Students Need Both Freedom and Structure” (1992)

[7] “Sanctions for Student Misbehavior.” The Chronicle of Higher Education (January 26, 1983; not available online)

[8] “Cheating on Campus: Who is Really to Blame?” The Chronicle of Higher Education (February 9, 1981; not available online).This Chronicle article was reprinted with permission in two standard college English texts: Penfield and Wicker, The Writer’s Roles; Escholtz and Rosa, Outlooks and Insights.

Other publications (selections)

[a] “The Ethical and Educational Imperative of Due Process” (2012) (with Gregory Pavela, Ph.D), Journal of College and University Law/ Notre Dame University Law School

[b] Student Suicide: Law and Policy Perspectives (2006). See the Chronicle of Higher Education review and author interview

[c] “New Honor Codes for a New Generation” (with Donald L. McCabe, Professor of Global Management at Rutgers University), Inside Higher Education, March 11, 2005.


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